Our Staff

Church Staff

Pastor Bishop Clarence Laney
Assistant to the Pastor
Youth Pastor
Executive Admin Assistant to the Pastor Mavis Graham
Finance Director George Melvin, Jr.
Minister of Organizational Operations Deborah Williams


Reginald Burnette Andrea Murray-Lichtman
Margaret Fletcher Jonathan McDowell- Chair
LaMisa Foxx Jimmy Williams
Angela McDowell

Christian Education

Director Vacant


Altar Guild Coordinator Mother Esther Utley
Music Director James Lyle


Assimilation Coordinators Tawan Fields and Toya S. Hall
Children’s Ministry Coordinator Danita Stevens
Recording Secretary Miriam Gattis
Young Adult Ministry (YAM) Alexander and Olivia Dobbins
Education Coordinator Beatrice Laney
Social Justice & Outreach Coordinator Regina Mays


Andre Burton
Michael Johnson
Ronald Lance – Chair
Reginald Leslie
Ronnie McCabe
Warren Wilkins

Open Positions

Open Positions

Youth Pastor

Christian Education Director (Volunteer)

Assimilation Coordinator (Volunteer)

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